Professional Service专业技术服务

JEPSON CINE Team provide professional service to our partners. All of our team members are very experienced in assisting the film/advertisement/TV show/MV etc. crews to achive their works. We have a 24-hours call line for our customers, as there always appear emgencies at every moment, we have the ability to solve the problems.


We also provide professional cine equipment and studios to our partners. We have equipment like ARRI/RED/SONY cameras. Angenieux/Cooke/ARRI/ZEISS lenses, ARRI/Filmgear lighting, Panther/GFM/Movietech dollies, Oconnor/Cartoni fluid heads, Ronford Baker tripods, GFM/Panther cranes, DJI Ronnies/Movi Pro, TV-Logic/SONY/Panasonic monitors, Scorpio remote head etc., and various accessories like Teradek, Tilta, Movcam, Bright Tangerine, Odyssey, IB/E etc. All equipement our technical can use very experiencely.


Our goal is to providing perfect solution to who needs us.


For more information or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our service team, thanks!